Various - slide guitar

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Before the development of the electric guitar and the use of synthetic materials, a guitar was defined as being an instrument having "a long, fretted neck, flat ...

Glass is the most popular of the non-metal slides, and they come in many variations: thin walled and long enough to cover all six strings; thick and stubby enough for only three strings; bottlenecks; faux coricidin bottles and even near-relative Pyrex, which is less breakable than glass. Tonally, glass is smoother and warmer. Even when used with a distorted guitar sound, there’s a certain sweetness to glass that can be heard in the playing of Gibson SG hero Duane Allman and his torchbearers Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes – all users of the coricidin bottle. Glass, especially thin-walled glass, is susceptible to breaking, which can be a danger for the more effusive guitarist. With its generally warm, buttery tonal properties, glass is especially good for acoustic guitar and sweet melodies versus Elmore James-like wailing. And thicker glass tends to bring out richer, darker, more charming tones than lightweight slides, of course.

Which finger should I use for slide playing? You have the choice between middle finger, ring finger and the pinky. The index finger does not work, because you need a least one finger to mute the other side of the strings. All fingers have advantages and disadvantages.

Подробнее Stella Guitar If you yearn to learn acoustics on a Stella guitar, you are in good company: Doc Watson, Charlie Patton, and Kurt Cobain played Stellas. Production of these instruments dates back to the late 1800s, under the manufacturing name of the Oscar Schmidt Company. These instruments feature wood bodies made from maple, oak, and mahogany. They feature plastic and synthetic necks and bridges, making them light and easy to transport. Available on eBay, these guitars are ideal instruments for beginner and intermediate level players. Emulating the guitars of your idols, like Charlie Patton, you might consider a vintage Stella Harmony acoustic guitar. This instrument features an unusual color combination of a light body beneath the sound hole, a white panel, and black coloring around the outside. Reinforced steel provides a solid neck, and widely spaced strings make learning to play easy. Guitars are available dating all the way to the early 1900s, as well as recent models for those seeking a more contemporary style.

Want to show off your latest Cigar Box Guitar project!. Email: Scotty with a hi-res photo/s and a brief description and I’ll add your creation the the Cigar Box Guitar Gallery.

T he Slippery Slope is an original composition of mine celebrating a slip in' and a slidin' on the fretboard. A transcription and MP3 bundle is now available in the Acoustic Tonic Music Store

Various - Slide GuitarVarious - Slide GuitarVarious - Slide GuitarVarious - Slide Guitar